Wright This Way

Blog Reset/Resurrection

After taking a few years off with nothing much to blog about, I’ve decided to jump back into this, mainly as a place to keep some notes on things I’m working on, which, among other things, includes the email/web server I run at home that hosts this site.

Gone is the old Mac Mini that served up this site the last 10+ years, and long gone the PowerMac G4 that originally ran the site. The current site at the time of this writing is running on a Dell OptiPlex 7050 Micro Form Factor with Rocky Linux 8.6, soon to be 9.0.

I took some time to go through my old blog entries going back to 2004, and all of the technology discussed was so far out of date as to be completely useless and not worth keeping, but if anyone is truly curious the Internet Archive WaybackMachine can take you on a trip down memory lane: https://web.archive.org/web/20040415000000*/wrightthisway.com

I did carry two articles over from the old MovableType powered site to the new WordPress one, both concerning a crazy exercise I went through of creating a RAID array from four iPod Shuffles, and while it didn’t quite break the internet, it came close to breaking my system here because of the massive amount of web traffic from geeks worldwide checking out what I’d done. And long before the phrase Cloud Hosting became popular, I quickly offloaded the site images and some other content files to what passed for the cloud back then to save my home system from sharing so much data over my slow ISP connection, and in short order my system was handling literally thousands of hits per hour. So, from a historical standpoint I figured I’d carry these over to the new site since they caused such a fuss way back then.

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