Wright This Way

About This Blog

After taking a few years off with nothing much to blog about, I’ve decided to jump back into this, mainly as a place to keep some notes on things I’m working on, which, among other things, includes the email/web server I run at home that hosts this site.

Gone is the old Mac Mini that served up this site the last 10+ years, and long gone the PowerMac G4 that originally ran the site back in 2004. The current site at the time of this writing is running on a Dell OptiPlex 7050 Micro Form Factor with Rocky Linux 8.7, soon to be 9.1 if I can stop playing work WordPress long enough to get everything migrated over.

The original site was kind of a free form blog of whatever happened to be crossing my mind at the time, lots of tech postings and commentary, among other things a prediction of the Apple iPhone three years before it was released, an article (still preserved here) on a RAID array of iPod Shuffles that darned near broke the internet (or at least my connection to it), and some followup articles about how my lowly site managed to survive being a global phenomena by using cloud storage before the term ever existed.

These days I’m not looking to break the internet (no guarantees though if the right sort of crazy idea pops into my head), this will basically be a home for various technical solutions to problems I run into during my travels relating to things I do at work, and in a twist of circular referencing, things I do to keep the site updated.